A Capital Campaign to save St. Gabriel's Church Contribute(Name)


The Capital Campaign - Restore His House

Father Beczek and the parish leadership have conducted a comprehensive review of the condition of our buildings and the impact to our operating budget. Changes must be made to both retain the structural integrity of St. Gabriel’s and have a positive impact to our operating expenses. Restore His House is our opportunity – our responsibility – to ensure we will hand over our Church to our children that is at least as strong as the one our parents handed to us. Over the coming weeks we will share the details of our $1,250,000 goal and what will result from our generosity.  

  • Listen and Learn. Come to understand the needs of our parish in a very detailed way. See the impact of what the funds raised will do.
  • Reflect and Pray. Consider what all will be accomplished and the importance of the Church in your life. As a family, seek God’s guidance as to how you can best help. Ask questions and ensure your understanding.
  • Decide and Act. When you feel you have had your questions answered and determine how best you can assist, please make your pledge and celebrate with all our parish families.

The Campaign for St. Gabriel's Church at Annunciation Parish

  • What is the goal of the campaign?
    The goal of this campaign is to raise a minimum of $1,250,000.

  • What work will be completed as a result of the campaign?
    Masonry Restorations – Masonry cleaning and repointing of mortar between the stones is a necessary part of preservation maintenance. Over time the mortar becomes porous and water seeps through both, eroding the stability and causing leaks throughout the church. Addressing the most critical sections will restore the exterior, thus preserving the interior and work previously completed.

    Stained Glass Windows – The very nature of stained glass windows make them delicate and in regular repair and care to preserve these very visible moments of our faith. Through Restore His House we will clean the windows, reapplying silicone caulking of the window interface to best restore these treasures.

    Bell Tower Roofs and Spires – To keep our roof and spires structurally sound, we will replace two copper bell tower flat roofs, repair to counter flashings, and repair a large tear in the north spire.

  • How much is expected from each family?
    As each family has its own income and obligations, there is no set amount per family. Our hope is through prayer and discussion, each of the 1,100 families will find the gift that most reflects the importance of the Church in their lives and is an amount they can pay over time.

  • How can pledges be made and fulfilled?
    Gifts can be made over time. Some donors have already asked to make regular payments (monthly or quarterly) to allow them to help over time. To ensure the cash flow and work is in line, we ask that all pledges be fulfilled in a period of no more than three years.

  • Where can I get more information?
    You can certainly continue to read the bulletin and look at the parish website for general information. To discuss more specifics and your gift, please call the parish office to set an appointment with one of the campaign members.

  • When is a decision needed?
    We hope that all families will have reached a decision by mid-2019, with most joining sooner.