A Capital Campaign to save St. Gabriel's Church Contribute(Name)


Restoration work is underway! Here are some photos of the progress and what needs to be done.

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Generous commitments and thoughtful consideration are making an impact at Holy Annunciation Parish at St. Gabriel’s Church.  As of the weekend of May 25 and 26, the campaign has surpassed 60% of its initial goal with $752,815 pledged toward the $1,250,000 needed to complete our first phase.

Participation is key.  There is still $497,185 to raise, and while that is a significant amount of money, there are more than 1,100 registered families who are considering a gift.  Together, with each doing what they can, we can successfully meet our most immediate and pressing needs.

Each family is challenged to think of what it can do over time to make a difference.  Would a gift of $50 per month be possible?  If so, that’s a $1,800 gift over a three-year period.  If $100 were possible, your contribution would raise to $3,600 over the same period. 

Please consider how you can help.  Every gift joins with others to collectively make a difference.  As with so many things that better our lives, it’s not what we accomplish alone that defines us, but what we do together that matters.  We ask that you join with your fellow parishioners in completing and returning your pledge as soon as possible.