A Capital Campaign to save St. Gabriel's Church Contribute(Name)


This is a special day in the 163 years of St. Gabriel’s Church. Today, like our parents and grandparents before us, we must now take the actions needed to ensure a thriving parish for the next generations of Catholics in Greater Hazleton.

After more than a year of assessment of need and prioritizing the most important needs to keep our Church strong, the parish committees have identified our path forward. To fulfill that list of critical needs, I am announcing a capital campaign to fund the needed work.

With a minimum goal of $1,250,000, the Restore His House campaign will invite every member of our parish, those currently here and those who may have moved away, to help by making a sacrificial gift which can be paid over the next three years.

Today, I ask you to commit to three things: first, to listen and learn about the projects of the campaign and ways to donate; second, pray and discuss with your family about the role of the Church in your life and how you can plan a regular gift that reflects this commitment; and, then decide and act by making a donation.

Over the coming couple of months, we will be calling to visit with families, inviting people to attend educational receptions, and sharing updates in the bulletin and here on our website of our progress and the work underway.

I’ve already heard the “Father, why now?” question. Know the masonry work and window repair are critical now and, if delayed, the costs will only skyrocket as the damage becomes more significant.

I am pleased to announce a number of members of the parish have already volunteered to help with solicitations. Co-Chaired by Tom Kennedy and Juan Peralta, the committee is working hard to prepare information for all of us.

I realize that $1,250,000 is a lot of money. But we are not starting at $0. Already, some early calls have resulted in pledges and commitments of $XXX,XXX, or XX% of our goal. With more than 1,100 registered families, I pray the response will remain high for every family. Remember, we don’t expect each family to give the same amount. What we hope is that each of us will find a way to make a sacrificial gift based on our own resources and obligations.

I thank you for your consideration and know your prayerful decision will together ensure we can address the needs of our parish and Church.